Notice of Nominations Received and Blurbs

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May 11, 2018
Notice of Special General Meeting – Updated 3
May 21, 2018

Notice of Nominations Received and Blurbs

Notice of Nominations received for 2018 AUSA Executive WVP & QRO Positions By-Election.  The following people have been accepted as candidates (subject to verification)


Welfare Vice-President


Nominator: Ella Stolwerk
Seconders: Isabel Kelly, Sarah Kolver

I am very excited to be running for the role of Welfare Vice-President. I am passionate about improving the support AUSA provides students.

Reports on students’ mental health are invariably negative. Despite this, the University takes very few proactive steps to protect our mental health. When we student seek help, we face unacceptable wait-times from an under-pressure counselling service. The university is currently forming its mental health plan for the next few years. This plan must address students’ concerns. I will ensure these concerns are heard.

As the financial stresses on students in Auckland increase, AUSA’s economic support role becomes more vital. I will ensure that AUSA remains effective in this area. Students must be aware of the assistance that might be available to them and I will ensure that access to the assistance is as stress-free as possible.

The WVP has an incredibly important advocacy role within the university. It sits on the highest equity committees. I will fiercely champion increased consultation with the diverse groups that constitute our student body. The University’s decisions must reflect the inclusive values of our student community.

I am driven and passionate to get results and improve the welfare of students on campus.


SNELL, Samuel

Nominator: Felix Poole
Seconders: Ryan Stickland, Cameron Knowles

Kia ora, my name’s Sam. I am really excited about this opportunity to serve my Fellow Students.  A few years ago whilst slaving away doing shiftwork in London on my OE, I became involved in campaigns and community organisations. Since returning to NZ, I have worked for the welfare of others by being a volunteer advocate and organiser with Auckland Action Against Poverty(AAAP) and Unite Union. My experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of the welfare system, organisations, what people are entitled to and how to fight hard to get it.

There are clear areas that need improvement in this role including; a near empty food bank, a lack of knowledge around entitlements for students and the lack of strong representation for student interests. My experience as both a unionist and staunch activist against poverty demonstrate that I am the candidate that can best address these current issues and go on to achieve the best outcomes for students.

The WVP needs to be someone who is prepared and dedicated to representing student rights.

I have a passion for standing up for and standing with those in our community, and hope that you will allow me to do the same for you.


Queer Rights Officer


Nominator: Anand Rama
Seconders: Platon Loukoianov, Rachel Barnhill

Hey everyone! My name is Sophie Canning and I’m running for the Queer Rights Officer for Semester 2! My goal as QRO would ultimately be to advocate for representation, acknowledgement and respect. I want to push for the expansion of not only our spaces but our voices, too. I want us as a community to have our voices heard and respected, and to have our community represented in all aspects of University life. I want us to feel safe and secure during our studies here and to make sure that all LGBTQIA+ peoples feel valid and happy during their university careers. Thank you!



Nominator: Randy Slocum
Seconders: Finn Bawden, Caitlin Watters

My name is Liam and I am running for Queer Rights Officer so that I can have the opportunity to build a stronger queer community across UoA campus. I have been working with the Business School’s LGBTI+ group, Rainbow Business, this year working to provide greater opportunities to students. I want to take this work even further to support all queer students by ensuring the university is an inclusive learning environment and establishing stronger support networks across the various university faculties and groups.



Nominator: Lois Piran
Seconders: Jasmine Anderson-Baldwin, Laura Phillips

Hi friends and potential-friends! I’m Jade (She/Her), a second year Arts student who is apparently willing to represent our interests in Queer rights at the university. This is obviously a pretty important issue, and in an ideal world everyone would care enough that we don’t need particular people to stand as part of governmental bodies to make sure that we are not forgotten. However, since we do need somebody to do this, I’m pretty fantastic at annoying people by pointing out their bad hegemonic views on gender and sexuality. Being a second year, I’ve likely got the most free time of anyone who it would make sense to see in this position. I’m also pretty great at not having mental breakdowns, which is one of the perils of taking on stressful positions like this one. I’ve previously been involved in my high school’s board of trustees and in a city youth council but really all that proves is I’m capable of showing up and paying attention in meetings.

Vote me for a Queer Rights Officer who is an annoying queer trans-girl who won’t shut up about people’s bad politics and probably never will.