AUSA’s Hardship Grant Scheme gives monetary grants to students who are experiencing severe financial difficulties. The scheme was set up to assist students in hardship with the basic necessities of life.

Successful applicants will be granted up to $300 depending on their situation and need, or up to $450 if they are caring for dependents.

NOTE: Financial need must fall under one of the following four categories to be considered - food, accommodation, travel, medical.

The Hardship Fund can help with a range of issues, including:

  • necessary medical, dental, or optical costs
  • exceptionally high course-related costs, including Architecture and Design project materials
  • high transport costs
  • costs related to teaching experience placements
  • a change to your employment situation
  • additional costs incurred by studying off campus

We DO NOT PAY for items like Parking tickets & fines, Arrears from Finance Companies, Bad Debt, Course Fees, Membership Fees (Gyms/ Clubs), or Domestic & International Flights.

We reserve the right to ask for further information on bank statement details; including information on transferring between accounts and details on any other accounts. This is a non-exhaustive list.

  • You must be a University of Auckland student
  • You have not already accessed the hardship fund within the current semester
  • You must not a member of the AUSA Executive or Staff
  • You must be employed, seeking employment, or be unable to do so
  • You will need to attach the documentation to the application, including:

    • your application form

    • a recent bank statement showing the last two weeks’ transactions

    • an overview of all of your bank accounts

    • If you are applying for help with specific things such as (advance) rent, please include a bill or a quote

  • Your application will be assessed by the AUSA Welfare Committee on your financial situation and whether it is Short term, Unexpected, and Threatening your university study.

Eligibility and Assessment


Please note you will need to log on with your email address to apply below.

Apply for a hardship grant here

For help or more information please contact the AUSA Welfare Vice President

If your situation falls outside the criteria or is an exceptional circumstance, we may still be able to help you. Please contact the Welfare Vice President for more information.

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