AUSA Advocacy

Sometimes we all need someone to support us. AUSA Advocacy offers free support, advice and information to students. Our Advocacy service is professional and confidential. We are 100% independent from the University, which means the advice we provide will always be in your best interest. Find out more about our Advocacy service here.

AUSA International Buddy Program

Are you a new international student at the University of Auckland? AUSA understands that the first month in NEW Zealand (pun intended) may be overwhelming for you. There is a lot of paperwork you have to complete, homesickness engulfs you at times, and some uniquely Kiwi customs may seem perplexing to you. Having experienced this journey, an AUSA Buddy can help ease you into UoA and Kiwi life. Find an AUSA Buddy here.

Class Reps

Within each Department there are Class Representatives or Year Representatives. The student reps have two major roles to fulfil. Firstly they are advocates for the class or year they represent. This means they help mediate solutions to problems that affect their fellow students. Their second role is to be a member of the department SSCCs or Staff Student Consultative Committees... Find out more about the Class Rep system here.

Support for students experiencing family violence

If you’re affected by family violence by someone such as a partner, family member or flatmate, we can help. Contact AUSA Advocacy, the Welfare Officer at; the Women’s Rights Officers at; or the Queer Rights Officer at for more information about your options.

Our University can also provide formal support, including compassionate consideration and campus personal safety planning, for anyone on our campuses experiencing family violence. Check out the University’s Family Violence Project page.