Engage with students at New Zealand’s leading University. Build long-term loyalty and connect with our influential youth market through a range of marketing opportunities.

We work closely with you to deliver solutions which help meet your objectives and budget. We also offer bespoke packages that can include sponsorship focused on events, programs and competitions.

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CRACCUM Magazine is New Zealand’s largest and most influential tertiary publication.  

Being the official magazine of University of Auckland students, distribution is free and via the online reader, available whenever and wherever needed.

For nearly 95 years, our publication has had a style which is independent yet challenging and forthright.  While retaining its sense of humour, CRACCUM explores issues relevant to students and youth culture, covering everything from politics and current events, to artistic pieces and reviews.  It also has up-to-date University of Auckland specific content. 

2023 will special release editions with UBUNTU celebrating International Students and KATE during AUSA’s Suffrage Week.

CRACCUM is the ideal platform to advertise and promote to an ever-growing tertiary market.  Our team will work with you on how to best engage with a tertiary audience of over 40,000, being ether in print or digitally. 

Facebook and Instagram are still the best source of communication and the most powerful tools in marketing.

These platforms give you direct access to our followers and allow you to target key groups for ultimate reach.

With a combined audience of over 32,000 followers, let us promote and gain the interest of our students on your behalf.

Social Media

Scheduled fortnightly during lecture times, our email newsletters are sent directly to the AUSA membership database.  

Containing relevant news, information, and event announcements, these allow you to keep students up to date and what’s really important while studying.

Your placement links directly to the supplied landing site to give you true ROI reporting.

Event Partnership

2023 is an exciting year for the events team after several years of postponements and cancellations.

Opening the year sees the closing of Alfred Street for the 2023 Orientation Festival and University concert before Two Semesters full of engagement opportunities.
If you’re interested in being involved in the above or perhaps do something independent – ether way, let us work with together with you.  No two needs are the same and the team thrives on doing more for both you and our students.
  • Feb 27Orientation Festival

  • March 1Orientation Concert

  • March 13Environmental Week

  • April 3Pride Week

  • May 8International Week

  • July 17ReOrientation Festival

  • July 31Sports Week

  • August 21Politics Week

  • September 18Suffrage Week

  • October 20Class of 2023