Notice of Special General Meeting – Updated 3

Notice of Nominations Received and Blurbs
May 13, 2018
Notice is hereby given for Nominations of 2019 AUSA Executive & 2018 International Students’ Officer
June 12, 2018

Notice of Special General Meeting – Updated 3

Notice is hereby given of an AUSA Special General Meeting to be held on Friday, 1 June 2018 at 3.30pm in Shadows. The SGM has been called to consider the following:

• Business from the inquorate Autumn General Meeting.

• Changing the process for affiliation and disaffiliation of clubs.

• Creating a new Engagement Vice-President, Satellite Campus Officer, and Campaigns Officer.

• Reducing quorum required for General Meetings.

• Adding in notice periods for Executive resignations.

The following links are to the documentation relevant to this meeting:



SGM Minutes 16 March 2018