About the Buddy Programme

The AUSA International Buddy Programme was created to help ease the transition for new international students adjusting to the kiwi culture. The programme is FREE, FUN and held each semester for new international students. All that is required is your commitment to the program!

What does an AUSA Buddy do?

An AUSA Buddy is an existing domestic or international students that gets paired with a new international student to offer them support and guidance. We would generally expect a Buddy to commit to at least two face-to-face meet ups*, which can be:

  1. meeting up at a café to explain processes for key administrative processes such as applying for student visa, an IRD number, to convert a driving license, to obtain a suitable photo ID (i.e. 18+ card); or
  2. taking a walk down Queen Street to show them the nearest supermarket and stationery store, buying a phone card, and loading their tertiary concession onto the AT HOP card; or
  3. any other creative ideas that you may have!

*NOTE: Only when it is safe/practical to do under the current Alert Level setting.

Who are we looking for?

  • An existing student at the University of Auckland (Domestic or International) that have completed at least 2 semesters already.
  • Commit to building a friendship with the new international students for at least one semester.
  • Be available during orientation week and at least 2 events during semester.
  • Be available to answer questions by email, facebook or phone.
  • Communicate often with the AUSA International Buddies Manager.

How will I be supported in my role?

You’ll receive an information booklet with useful information for new international students and you’ll attend a 1.5 hour training session will also prepare you for your role.

The International Buddies Manager will also be contactable throughout the semester, via email and phone if you have any queries or need support.

I’m keen, what happens next?

  1. Fill out this form here. Volunteers registrations for Sem 1, 2023 are now closed, but check back soon as we will re-open early June for the Semester 2 intake.
  2. You will be contacted via email and added into a Facebook group for AUSA Buddies.
  3. You’ll need to participate in a 1.5 hour training session for AUSA Buddies.
  4. You will be matched with at least two or up to four new international students who wants a Buddy based on common interests.
  5. Come to our Buddy Program welcome breakfast during International Orientation (week prior to week 1 of semester 1 and 2). This is the first opportunity for you to meet the new students you will be supporting.
  6. Arrange a meet up with them, and tell us how it goes!

What will you gain as a AUSA Buddy?

  • The chance to meet people from all over the world!
  • The opportunity to receive role-specific training as well as the chance to focus on developing specific skills for example communication, leadership and team work.
  • Learn to balance your time effectively alongside a voluntary role,
  • The chance to participate in the UoA Leadership and Service Award to gain official recognition for skills developed through volunteering within the University and wider community.
  • The opportunity to attend various events during the semester,
  • A valuable addition to your CV.