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May 10, 2018
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May 13, 2018

Advocacy Aunt

Q: I spend most of my time on the Epsom campus and I feel so isolated! There are so many communities on the city campus that I want to be a part of (K-pop Club anyone?) but I don’t want to have to commute to town! What should I do?

A:  It’s great that you’re trying to create a community! You could flaunt your inner social butterfly and bring your friends together and set up a Facebook page. Through that you can form study groups and the like. If that isn’t your cup of tea though, you could also start up a new club on your campus. For that, you will need to prepare a Statement of Purpose outlining how you will be contributing to the University Community. You will also need at least 20 members (70% must be current University of Auckland students). You can find more information on this on the University of Auckland website!


Q: Hi Advocacy Aunt – I’m in my first year of my BA/LLB and I’m feeling super overwhelmed. There are so many things to balance!! What should I focus on? From yours truly, stressed-and-reliant-on-coffee.

Have no fear – for Advocacy Aunt is here. Getting into second year law is a definite balancing act. However, an important thing to remember is NOT TO NEGLECT YOUR CONJOINT PAPERS. While your law papers are double weighted, and it is definitely important to do well in them, your grades in the other papers will also ultimately determine whether you get the GPA or not. Also, we know you have a big workload but try to get some exercise and fresh air into your schedule! Clearing your mind will lower the stress so you can focus better when you study. Eat well and remember, health is always the priority!

If things get too stressful, remember that the university provides free counselling and they are here to help you! Feel free to make an appointment at any time.


Q: Help me Advocacy Aunt! – I am SO disappointed that I didn’t get any internships this year when so many of my friends did! I don’t know what to do with my career life anymore and feel that I’m not good enough. What should I do?

First of all, it’s OKAY! Internships aren’t everything. There are so many pathways to ultimately get that dream job. You can either apply for an internship or summer clerkship again in the next year after building on your CV and grades or apply for a graduate position. Companies are open to hiring graduates too so you have another shot!  In the meantime, study hard to boost that GPA and get work experience or volunteer to boost your CV. You can find amazing jobs on websites such as Student Job Search or My CDES. If you want career advice or just want someone to look over your CV for you, visit CDES or the ASB Business Centre and someone will help you!               

Tired of  lazy flatmates who leave a ghastly number of cups of tea lying around and always pay their rent late? Tired of your grades not matching the hours upon hours you spend cramming away in the beloved fine arts library (oh wait..)? Tired of your issues not reaching the right ears? Worry no more, Advocacy Aunt is here to dispel your fears.

Flick her a message and she’ll respond, or come and see her advocates, of whom she is very fond.

Find us at Old Choral Hall opposite Kate Edger between 9am – 4pm. If you’d like advocacy aunt to answer your question in the next Craccum email her at