Election of 2022 Executive Results (2732 Voters)

President 2022CountPercent
Alofa So’olefai192070.27%
No Vote50318.41%
Halaevalu Tuipulotu-Halanukonunuka1565.71%
No Confidence1535.6%
Education Vice-President 2022CountPercent
Alan Shaker90633.16%
No Vote46316.94%
Karen Guan42315.48%
Charlie Harmer39514.45%
Halaevalu Tuipulotu-Halanukonunuka29310.72%
Harsh Sharma1886.88%
No Confidence642.34%
Engagement Vice-President 2022 CountPercent
Makayla Muhundan95835.06%
No Vote49017.93%
Karen Guan41415.15%
Charlie Harmer36113.21%
Halaevalu Tuipulotu-Halanukonunuka2127.75%
Yuqian Mei1324.83%
Rayna Love (Duncan)933.4%
No Confidence722.63%
Welfare Vice-President 2022CountPercent
Ishie Sharma73426.86%
Emma Cooper-Williams53819.69%
No Vote41715.26%
Afye Abdallah2659.69%
Charlie Bi2348.56%
Charlie Harmer1987.24%
Halaevalu Tuipulotu-Halanukonunuka1656.03%
Harsh Sharma893.25%
No Confidence521.9%
Rayna Love (Duncan)401.46%
Treasurer/Secretary 2022 CountPercent
No Vote64023.42%
Steven Wijaya62622.91%
Michelle Strapajevic49017.93%
Karen Guan45716.72%
Halaevalu Tuipulotu-Halanukonunuka2047.46%
Tongyao Zhuang1284.68%
Yuqian Mei993.62%
No Confidence883.22%
International Students Officer 2022 CountPercent
Varsha Ravi80229.35%
No Vote62522.87%
Advaita Shetty36413.32%
Bingyan Jiang34012.44%
Pimpisa Petchsud1846.73%
Harsh Sharma1625.92%
Yuqian Mei983.58%
Tongyao Zhuang933.4%
No Confidence642.34%
Postgraduate Student Officer 2022CountPercent
Kelly Misiti113941.69%
No Vote76127.85%
Advaita Shetty53419.54%
Tongyao Zhuang2187.97%
No Confidence802.92%
Queer Rights Officer 2022 CountPercent
Theo van de Klundert149154.57%
No Vote79629.13%
Tongyao Zhuang30611.2%
No Confidence1395.08%
Women’s Rights Officer 2022 CountPercent
Folau Tu’inukuafe57421.01%
No Vote51718.92%
Sarina Todd43215.81%
Sujin Lee34412.59%
Matilda Dawson32411.85%
Karen Guan1656.03%
Michelle Strapajevic1515.52%
Halaevalu Tuipulotu-Halanukonunuka592.15%
Mel Boerlage582.12%
No Confidence521.9%
Yuqian Mei341.24%
Tongyao Zhuang220.8%

The Annual Executive Elections are your chance to put your name forward to be part of the AUSA Executive for 2022 and to vote on who makes up your AUSA Executive for next year. Roles up for grabs range from the International Students’ Officer and Women’s Rights Officers to the Education VP and President. Being part of the Executive means being part of the team that decides what AUSA does for students and who governs AUSA on behalf of students. You can find more about each role and what it entails here.

The candidate statements are here

Any student enrolled at the University of Auckland can vote – it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a member of AUSA.

Timelines for the election process

Nomination process opens26th July
Nomination process closes13th August
Campaigning commences16th August
Election voting opens23rd August
Election voting closes3rd September
Representative(s) announced3rd September

Official Notices