About AUSA Advocacy

Sometimes we all need someone to support us. AUSA Advocacy offers free support, advice and information to students. Our Advocacy service is professional and confidential. We are 100% independent from the University, which means the advice we provide will always be in your best interest.

Our advocacy service is here to:

  • help you understand your options, rights and responsibilities;
  • help you raise an issue or make a complaint;
  • facilitate communication, mediate disputes, problem-solve;
  • assist you in appeal procedures;
  • prepare you for meetings and even attend them with you;
  • advocate on your behalf;
  • refer you to the best services to help.

Our service includes:

  • Meeting face-to-face with a Student Advocate for advice;
  • Phone consultation;
  • Email consultation.

You can use our Advocacy service when you:

  • feel you've been treated unfairly, or think a University of Auckland policy or rule has been applied poorly or unfairly to your situation or circumstance;
  • are seeking information or referrals about non-academic issues affecting your studies like employment disputes, finances and tenancy problems;
  • want to clarify your options, rights or responsibilities;
  • need to understand which policies or procedures relate to your situation;
  • need someone to advise on any problems between yourself and another member of the University community;
  • are appealing a grade or making another academic decision;
  • have been harassed or are feeling unsafe on campus.

Contacting AUSA Advocacy

Contact us to make an appointment using the web form below or email advocacy@ausa.org.nz.

You can also flick us a message through our Facebook page AUSA Advocacy.

AUSA Advocacy Enquiry

You can fill out the Advocacy Enquiry form below or here.

A pdf version of the form can be found here.