Student Council

The AUSA Student Council was formed as a result of AUSA’s constitutional changes in early 2019. The Council is made up of the Presidents of Faculty Associations (and, where a Faculty has no Faculty Associations, the relevant School Associations) and Representative Groups from across the University. 

The University of Auckland is a diverse student community of many. The Student Council is a key way of capturing the views of our diverse student communities. We then use feedback from our Student Council in submissions and presentations that we make to the University’s highest decision-making bodies and committees. The Student Council has been vital to a lot of AUSA’s wins, including the grade bump in Semester 1 of 2020, which was a direct result of our powerful, collective student voice.

Student Council Meeting Minutes can be found on the Documents page.

Student Council Members

Adam Schweizer (he/him)

President of Auckland University Engineering Society (AUES)

Jessica Kim (she/her)

President of Auckland Pharmacy Students Association (APSA)

Holly Mace (she/her)

President of Auckland Land Economics Society (ALES)

Hannah Colquhoun-Petherick (she/her)

President of Science Students’ Association (SciSA)

Sam Robertson (he/him)

President of Auckland Medical Students’ Association (AUMSA)

Rishi Khattar (he/him)

President of New Zealand Optometry Student Society (NZOSS)

Blake Scanlen (he/him)

President of School of Music Students' Association

Ash Singh (he/him)

President of Student Association of the Medical Sciences (SAMS)

Nikita Turoa (she/her)

Co-President of Auckland University Population Health Student’ Association (AUPHSA)

Liam Davis (he/him)

Co-President of Arts Students’ Association (ASO)

Vanessa Falcunitin (she/her)

Co-President of Arts Students’ Association (ASO)

Vira Paky (she/her)

President of Auckland University Global Studies Society (AUGSS)

Ishita Chawla (she/her)

Co-President of Auckland University Commerce Students’ Association (AUCSA)

Kirsten Jones (she/her)

Co-President of Education and Social Work Students’ Association (ESSA)

Lucy Collier (she/her)

Co-President of Education and Social Work Students’ Association (ESSA)