Five Tips to Start Semester Two Right

The Changeling
July 23, 2018
Notice Of Nominations Received
August 3, 2018

Yay you survived to Semester Two! The joy of learning starts anew! We here at AUSA have been around this place for centuries so reckon we know a thing or two about starting the semester off right, hopefully our years of experience can help you begin with a bang.

1. Organise your life: No one likes messy people so organise your life before things get too crazy. Find your lecture theatres, buy your books, clean your room! We know it makes us sound like your mum but promise us kids your life will be much easier when you aren’t knee deep in UberEats bags and dirty clothes.

2. Go to Shadows: As you may well know, us here at AUSA love a cheeky shads trip. In fact, we think it is a great way to ease back into your new semester. Its got all you need; Wi-Fi, $2 toasties and sparkling conversation. So before assignments and exams can drag you away from its warm embrace- give it a visit.

3. Do your readings: Another boring one we know but honestly its so easy to do yet will destroy you later if you don’t. Not doing readings or work after class basically means you are getting into a pile of debt to not do the thing you are at Uni to do. If that isn’t incentive enough, doing your readings will save you from looking like a complete fool in your tutorials.

4. If you are struggling ask for help: Uni life is no walk in the park, and we have all been in a scenario where we needed help either with course work, money, health or housing. The start of semester is a great time to remind you of the help that’s available. AUSA has grants, advocacy services and food parcels available to all students so if you are stuck go here

If you are needing help with mental health please head up to Health and Counselling! Its free and they can help you out with whatever is going on.

5. Have Fun: Yeah the world is chaotic and you are stressed etc but like Uni can be a whole heap of fun, we promise. Join a club, go to shads with the lads, come to an AUSA event or even just sit outside and marvel at the beauty of Tamaki Makaurau. Whatever you are doing this Sem make sure some of it is fun.

Good luck everyone!
xoxo AUSA