The Changeling

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July 23, 2018
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July 30, 2018

For the first time, the Summer Shakespeare Trust is holding a Winter edition. Fittingly, it is a darker, more tumultuous experience. DirectorMichael Hurst’s exhilarating edition of the Jacobean drama The Changelingis tightly constructed to be 75 minutes in length, with a particular focus on murder, adultery, betrayal and madness. The Changelingis the highly renowned 17th-century play by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley. The play is being performed over four venues, to make it more accessible, but time is running out to see it.

I was lucky enough to see its opening night, and I am keen to see it again before it finishes, it was that good. It was fast paced, intimate and twisted. The audience were seated at tables, as if at a wedding, and the play took place amongst the tables, which made the audience feel intimately involved in the action. The lighting by Fiona Armstrong and Jonathan James enhanced the growing tension as the plot descended into chaos.The hand-held lights in a blackened room were eery and disorientating, as light revealed only flashes of the faces. The impressive cast include many University alumni as well as a current UoA student. In summary, the performance was intense, stylised and well worth seeing.

The Changeling is on at the Drama Studio, the Vault at Q Theatre, the Pumphouse in Takapuna and the Uxbridge Arts and Cultural Centre in Howick throughout July. Go to for tickets and information.