Queer Rights Officer Election Blurbs

Notice of Nominations Received for 2019 AUSA QRO Position By-Election
August 19, 2019
Nominations for 2020 AUSA Executive
August 22, 2019

Queer Rights Officer Election Blurbs

The following burbs are for the QRO 2019 Byelection


Nominator: Isabelle Cohen
Seconders: Gabriella Nolan, Cameron Trought

Kia ora koutou,

As QRO, I’d like to improve awareness of Queerspace and other supports for the Rainbow Community. I have experience as treasurer of UniQ, so I am keen to hit the ground running. Furthermore, I feel that I would be a strong advocate in that I am passionate about equality and acceptance. Ten out of ten dentists recommend – Victoria for QRO!

WAITAI, Neihana

Nominator: Jackie Lamb
Seconders: Aria Kalra, Sarah Grainger

As a QRO with a strong passion for human rights advocacy, I’ll work to deliver and maintain a safe and equitable environment for all queer students at UoA.. The University has such a diverse LGBTQI+ community, and every individual belongs to a number of ethnic, religious and socioeconomic groups themselves. I was drawn to this role because it’s not only a great opportunity to fight for queer rights, but for the rights of Maori, Pasifika, religious minorities, and other people too, many of whom are also queer. Understanding intersectionality and implementing it in future policies is key to ensuring the safety and prosperity of all students at the University. During my time as Rainbow Rep for Princes St Labour, I have fought for sanctions on Brunei, banning conversion therapy, and I have been involved in the fight against racism at the university. In Young Labour I have developed a network of LGBTQI+ and human rights leaders across Auckland and Aotearoa who have helped guide me on my journey, and I will use these resources available to me to ensure that you can live in peace and be yourself.