Goodbye from the President

Lockers must be cleared
November 6, 2018
Notice for 2019 Autumn General Meeting
March 3, 2019

Goodbye from the President

I strongly believe that our education matters and that, although it has not been without its challenges, we should be able to look back fondly on our time at university. Over the year I had the honour of working with people who shared the same vision, from student leaders and clubs, to university staff members, to my own staff and Executive. Thank you for all that you have done.

This year we have lobbied for you. One thousand people marched to protest library closures and the lack of student consultation. With working groups, AUSA created a new Student Charter to strengthen students’ rights at the University, which will go to wider consultation with all students next year. Lecture recordings are now compulsory and papers can no longer be 100% assessed by exams. I also lobbied for the University Foundation to be held to account with their investment in Fossil Fuels. The University Council voted to reaffirm its commitment to climate action and the Paris Agreement, then requested a report be done by the Foundation on the practicalities of divesting, for transparency and to enable action.

In addition, AUSA’s Events teams put on over 50 events, including the biggest O Week yet, with 3,000 people at our Party in the Park, and a toboggan run and ice skating rink in the quad with Snow Sports, for Re O Week. We also gave out over 200 Welfare Grants and 300 food parcels.

Today is my final day at AUSA. I am passing to a strong team and a President with experience who served as Administrative Vice-President this year. I wish Anand and his team the absolute best for next year. I bid you adieu as President. If you have more study next year, good luck, and if you don’t, I hope you love where life takes you next. It has been an honour to serve you. Merry Christmas.

Ngā mihi

Anna Cusack