What we did in Semester One

President’s Letter 16/7
July 17, 2018
Meet Luke and Sophie, our Welfare Vice President and Queer Rights Officer
July 17, 2018

Ever wondered what AUSA actually does? AUSA elections are on, and it’s really important to vote. The people who you vote in to AUSA’s Exec have a huge impact on the University experience. We’re the only student reps on the highest decision-making bodies at the University, run the biggest events, and run the largest welfare and advocacy services on campus.

AUSA isn’t perfect, but we’re growing, improving and working hard to make your University experience the best it can be. Here’s some of our highlights over the first half of the year to give you an insight into what we do.

In Semester 1, we:

  • Ran the biggest University of Auckland O-Week to date. We had a massive Party in the Park with giveaways, concerts, events and parties.
  • Organised a rally of over 1000 students, and presented a 4000 signature petition to the University with other student leaders and faculty associations opposing the closure of the libraries. We’re passionate about requiring student consultation on issues that affect us, and improving student voice in the University.
  • Had big wins in Committees. We’ve passed a new Class Reps policy, are reforming the Student Charter, stopped a policy that was going to get rid of plussage and require assessments in the first three weeks of every course, and are working on getting lecture recordings made universal in every class.
  • Ran lots of events! A massive Mardis Gras festival, Cultural Week, Politics Week, Paint ‘n’ Sip, Dirty Bingo, cool quizzes, and even crafternoon teas.
  • Ran the largest Public Sector careers expo ever at Auckland Uni.
  • Anna, our President, started having monthly meetings with the Vice-Chancellor. She is able to lobby on student issues way more successfully and build a solid working relationship with him as a result.
  • Lobbied for increased funding to health and counselling, welfare and advocacy – and it looks likely these things will happen.
  • Made and presented submissions to the the Government on restructuring University Council, changing the funding model of Universities, and improving support to international students.
  • Improved the support we provided to international students, running an International O-Week, and massively increasing the scale of ‘Buddies Program’ to help support new international students.
  • Restructured the Executive and undertook the largest constitutional reform we’ve had in years! We have an Engagement Vice-President role, a new Campaigns Officer, now pass constitutional changes online to up engagement, and more. We’ve also created an Advisory Board to help provide consistency and expert advice on what we do for you.
  • Worked better with other campuses and students’ associations. We visited the Tai Tokerau campus in Whangarei, have been meeting with all the students’ associations on campus, are making an MoU with the Postgraduate Students’ Association, and have made a Satellite Campus rep position for next year.