Save Our Libraries Rally

Notice of AUSA Special General Meeting
May 4, 2018
Notice for By-Election Nominations 2018
May 8, 2018

Save Our Libraries Rally

A massive thank you to all the students who came to the rally to Save Our Libraries. It was incredible to see the student voice in action. We had around 1000 students, alumni and members of our community protesting against the University’s proposed library closures. Although the VC vacated the Clocktower (and tried to lock us out!), we handed the submission to him at University Council last Monday.

We want the University to involve us in this decision, rather than say it’s not “appropriate” for students to be formally consulted. We want to the University to protect student study spaces. We want the University to show us they care about the Arts, our specialist librarians, and our education.

We’re also calling on the Government to better fund our Unis. A free first year doesn’t matter if there’s not enough money to even keep libraries open.

You can find our submission on the Save Our Libraries UoA Facebook page, and on the AUSA Facebook page. We gave this, along with a petition signed by 4000 students, and around 1000 independent submissions, to the VC.

The fight doesn’t stop here. We’ll continue to lobby the Uni and the Government, and make sure students’ voices are heard. Please continue to send us your submissions- this has impact across all of the community so don’t stay silent!