EVP By-Election Blurbs

Nominations for 2019 EVP
May 14, 2019
Nominations Open for 2019 Queer Rights Officer
August 13, 2019

EVP By-Election Blurbs

Voting in the Education Vice-President By-Election is open from 9am Friday 31 May to 5pm Friday 7 June.

You can vote here when the voting is open.


Nominator: George Easton
Seconders: Christopher McRae, Sophie Lamb

I’m running because I want to put in the mahi and keep fighting the good fight on behalf of all students.

But why me? As the president of the School of Music Students’ Association I have worked with students consistently, first fighting the restructure of our entire department with an 81,000 word document from students and alumni, and then again trying to save our specialist libraries with huis, emails, committees and finally protest. Currently, I am working on re-invigorating the Creative Arts and Industries Students’ Association so that CAI students are better able to represent themselves at a Faculty level. I sat on the working group for the new Student Charter and ensured it was as aspirational as possible. Education and representation are clearly things I am dedicated to. As a conductor and professional musician, I have developed my leadership and public speaking skills, I am not afraid to stand up and speak on your behalf.

This year, AUSA have done some outstanding work and establishing the Student Council was a critical first step. if you vote for me, I will continue their fantastic work and be there to help and represent you. My door is always open.”


Nominator: Euan Lindsay
Seconders: Kelsey Boyd Sommy Han

Hey guys! I’m Neil and I’m a third year Science student studying Geography and Psychology. I am currently finishing up my degrees and looking at postgraduate studies next year, focusing on the interplay of mental health and stress on urban/governmental policy. I’m a big believer in the fact that the university undersells the effect negative mental health in an academic setting – I’m a large advocate for positive academic mental health and currently sit on the Advisory Board of Anxiety New Zealand. In saying that, I’m running on three goals;

  1. To initiate dialogue and change the way the university views student mental health.
  2. To encourage greater links between faculty student associations – via the creation of forums and committees. 
  3. To advocate for the adoption of creative assessments – beyond the traditional essays and exams.

Thank you guys! <3 


Nominator: Declan Bell
Seconders: Jackson Walker, Ella May

Hey there! I’m Emma, and I want to be the new AUSA EVP. I want to continue the great work we have seen so far from this year’s executive by using my passion for equality and representation to create real change for students. We saw that EVP has the power to bring in policies that mean all lectures are recorded and I think that’s just the beginning. I believe students should have a say in decisions that affect our university lives. I aim to encourage university faculties to engage with student faculty organisations so students have a direct influence on the way their faculty operates. I also want to see the class rep system utilised to its full potential. I want to see change in the way reps are trained and managed plus give them the opportunity to socialise and work with one another to create more of a community. As president of the Arts Students’ Organisation, I have worked closely with AUSA this year, and I have also been a part of various committees which represent the interests of students. My work has shown me that the right people in the right roles can make a difference. I believe I am the right person for this role – and I hope you do too!


Nominator: Sathsarinie Nanayakkara
Seconders: Prarthana Wadhwani, Malvika Lohar

Kia Ora

My name is Ojas Shukla, and I am a 2nd year BCom student. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve my community through my time as VP of AUCSA and Puketapapa Youth Board member. 

My policies can be summarised by H.A.T:

High School (H):
– I want to make high school students better informed and well supported beyond just open day. I want to provide them with a direct connection through mentors and advisors. We also want them to have a helping hand to make sure that they have the support in time of change

Aid (A):
– Our students are talented, but sometimes, life brings its challenges. We want to support our students in such times through tailored intervention and also aid students with financial support, financial counseling, and academic skills workshop. These support services also need to be increasingly digital to improve accessibility

Teaching (T):
– Create synergy between peer to peer-led tutors, faculty, and students

– Explore adaptive learning to tailor learning to a students level of mastery and ensure no student is left behind

– Look at shifting the focus to the real world rather than just academic theory


Nominator: Hannah Chisholm
Seconders: Alan Soan, Ricardo Gauna

Education is a privilege for those who receive it and a dream for those who are denied access to it. 

As a mature student (29 years), I value and embrace education. I have had a long and difficult journey gaining access to tertiary education, which has had a profound impact on my dedication to my own as well as others experiences of tertiary education. Coming originally from Germany, I am very grateful to the UoA and the New Start program which enabled me the opportunity to pursue my desired programs in Law and Commerce. 

Now I am here I am determined to try to make a difference.

I want to be your voice on educational issues! I want to enhance your learning experience. I do not shy away from confrontation and have experience operating within a rigid system, serving two years in the German Air Force and being nominated as the soldier’s representative. I enjoy being involved in the University, I was a class rep in Law 121 (18’) and the Waka Ama manager for the business faculty (19’). 

I am determined with passion and heart to make your education at the UoA as valuable as possible. 

Yours sincerely, Lukas